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Text Messaging:
A Tool for Generating Prospects that Really Works!

Text Messaging: A Tool for
Generating Prospects
that Really Works!


Podcast Series Episode

Podcast Episode Transcript

This episode, “Text Messaging: An Effective Tool for Generating Prospects,” is the fifth in a mini-series by The Rabbi Who Got Rich on Sunday entitled “Generating Leads – the highest quality for your business!”

I’m Rabbi Dave, and today we’re going to discuss text messaging, a tool to generate prospects.

Text messaging story

My father-in-law, who is probably listening to this as he frequently tells me in his unique and loving way, used to be the Chaplain at Beth Israel Hospital in Manhattan.  He has many great true stories and anecdotes that I enjoy sharing.  I want to be clear that this one never really happened and is pretty awful, but it ties in well.  

Once, the chaplain was visiting a patient who was hooked up to many machines, and as he walked over to his bed, the patient started having difficulty breathing and was trying to say something to the chaplain but couldn’t.  He starts gesturing wildly, but the chaplain can’t figure out what’s wrong, so he presses the call button for help.  Then he notices the pen and paper that the patient is pointing at and gives it to him.  The patient writes a quick note and hands it to the chaplain, who takes a step back to see it better under the light as the patient finally starts breathing again and faints from exhaustion.  The nurse comes rushing in, and thanks to the almighty, the patient is fine.

In all the excitement, the chaplain remembers the note later in the day as he is preparing to go home, and he finds it in his pocket.  He reads it and almost passes out himself!

What did the note say?

You’re stepping on my air hose!

Short messages can often be very important!

This is a good way to introduce today’s topic, which is the number one way to communicate with prospects today: text messaging and social media messaging apps.

This image shows a picture of a mom holding her baby while text messaging with her mobile phone

Text messaging; A tool to generate prospects.

More than email or even phone calls, today, messaging is the way to go.  I always coach that you should communicate with your prospects in the way that is most normal to them.  I’m probably among the older people listening to this training, and as I think about it, eighty percent of people who start a conversation (to lead to a relationship) with me successfully do it by direct messaging on Linkedin or Facebook or by sending an SMS text to my mobile phone.

The #1 goal for messaging is to start a conversation, then get the prospect watching your introduction videos to get to know you, ask them a question, and get them to request something from you.  In today’s training, I’m going to share several of my favorite texts.  If you would like a file with these and more of my most effective scripts, just use the contact me option on my website,

Let’s break this down.

  1. Your first message should establish who you are and that you are responding to their request for information. It should be friendly and upbeat and should ask them to respond with a request.
  2. This should be followed immediately with a video of you with the same script as the text.
  3. The question should be a choice of options such as:

“Hey Misty, it’s David, I saw you just responded to my Facebook ad – 4 tips to a worry-free life after the rat race.  This is the real me, not a bot.

I’d like to get you the info you’re looking for ASAP, but first I have a quick question to know which direction to send you.

I’m curious, 

  1. A) Are you having trouble saving enough money to retire? or
  2. B) Are you going backward and having more “month” at the end of the money?”

Or a request for an answer:

Hi Steve, this is David. Recently you were online, & you responded to a job listing our firm placed for a part-time or work-from-home position.  Another opportunity has opened up, and if you are still in the market, text me for details.

This is the featured image for a podcast episode, entitled "Text Messaging: a Tool for Generating Prospects that works!" The image also contains the artwork for teh podcast series by The Rabbi Who Got Rich on Sunday

Test the Messages you plan to use for Text Messaging;

You want to test your messages and tweak one thing at a time until you start getting the response rate you are looking for.

Send out test texts to about 20 people,

If you are messaging people you know, you should get at least a 30% response.

If you are messaging people who just responded to your ads –  at least a 10% response.

If you are messaging people who are cold leads – at least a 5% response.

If you don’t get these results, it’s time to tweak. Then send out another 20.  Taking these action steps will lead to these results over time, so just keep at it and keep tweaking the message until the results start matching!

Text messaging tips:

  • Texting the same day, preferably within an hour of them responding to the ad.
  • If they sit, they go cold FAST!
  • Please use a text service such as Project Broadcast, which is very marketing-friendly.
  • Ensure that when these texts are scheduled, the prospect is removed from the follow-ups upon reply.
  • Add a photo to each of these texts. Preferably of you or real people for


  • Do NOT send links in texts! Always ask the prospect to respond to get a link to the article, video, zoom invite, etc.
  • Use emojis and send texts in a conversational tone.
  • Be BRIEF!!!!
  • Voice texting (memo) is good too.
  • Always solicit a “this” or “that” response.
  • End your texts with questions
  • Only ask one question at a time.
  • Ask permission before you send personal information.
  • Send a follow-up at least once a week
  • Follow up, follow up, follow up!

Text messaging mistakes:

  • Waiting too long for the first text to go out.
  • Saying too much in the text.
  • Asking for the close too fast without establishing a relationship and their pain.
  • Not following up with event announcements, training, or “thought of you” after the initial text went out.
  • Making too many changes in tweaking the text and not allowing enough people to respond before tweaking more so you know if the change worked.

Text messaging callbacks

If they call back after your text just say ..

“This is [Your Name]. I just missed your call & started a meeting.  I called because of [your original message]. If so, please text me back & I’ll give you the details. Thanks…

If they text that they don’t remember:

You were returning my call about [restate your original test]

If they say they don’t know you:

I understand. The same way you feel today was the way I felt years ago when I met someone out of the blue. And I will always be glad that I gave that person a chance because that chance meeting changed my life.

Now it’s your turn to have your life changed!

When will you have 5 minutes for a call to get a complete explanation?

Text messaging – Ghosting

When they answer initially and then stop it is called ghosting.  After the prospect has ghosted you for a week or more try things like:

Hi Lacey,

Are you still looking for a remote work position? I am cleaning up my applicant list. So if you have just been busy and unable to respond, please let me know if you are still seeking work. 



I am looking for an individual who would like to make money from home, without interfering with what you are currently doing, with no inventory, if we work together I can get you high-quality prospects that knock on your door.

If I were willing to mentor you, are you comfortable talking to people you don’t know?

Last resort message if they stop responding totally:

“Hi Name, I’ve reached out for a month right? I just wanted to say to

you why I’m doing this. Maybe you think I’m crazy, but let me tell you something…you expressed interest in the Company. So, I’m not going to let you down. If you’re not interested and want me to stop contacting you need to let me know. I’m not going to stop because I’m here to support you. When you join my business you need to know this, you’re going to get the same level of support because I want you to succeed. I’m here for you, hope to hear from you soon.”

Text messaging additional training and advanced tool

I’ve had the honor of working with many experts in text marketing.  Here is a free training I liked from Smiling Steve Burke who is a hall of famer at messaging. 

There are many mass messaging apps. My favorite, because it is very marketing friendly is Project Broadcast.

In the next episode, we will talk about Generating leads; Cross promoting.

For more guidance and tips on living the dream life, go to my website, to access content-rich articles and more.

You can also access a link to that web page through the show notes if you are listening to this podcast on any of the popular podcast platforms.



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