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The Rabbi Who got Rich on Sunday

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I help people live their dreamlife

Becoming rich in a way that means more than just money …

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If you want to live your #dreamlife and do what you love — have happiness and wealth — your focus must be on balance. Follow me on this journey of making more money without sacrificing family or anything else that’s truly important!

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David Felsenthal is The Rabbi who got Rich on Sunday™ and conducts all his business through his company Tried It All, LLC

Now, he is paying it forward in terms of sharing the vast amount of knowledge and experience he’s acquired. 

More importantly, that knowledge is being shared with you.David Felsenthal and his wife

This site’s purpose is to notify you of his YouTube videos, podcasts, and blog posts as well as to function as a portal to important training downloads. All to help you do two things;

  1. Make more money, and;
  2. Not sacrifice family and life to do that!

Remember, Dave has been helping others reach their goals for almost 40 years

Dave Felsenthal - the Rabbi who got rich on Sunday - holding grandbabiesDave, like most ‘loving’ or ‘yellow’ personalities, has this burning desire to help people. And now that includes you too.

Thanks to the teaching methods and guidance from The Rabbi Who Got Rich on Sunday™  Dave has helped 3 large clients NET one million dollars per year in as short as 3 years and over a dozen smaller clients NET over one hundred thousand dollars in their first year.

Note, I said NET not make, that means profit, not gross income!

These numbers are a huge achievement that few business coaches will ever come close to. 

Like many who overachieve, The Rabbi who got Rich on Sunday™ has a powerful why. He is the epitome of the devoted family man with 6 kids and many grandchildren (and hopefully with more on the way), who goes above and beyond so they can have a better life. 

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The Podcast Series

Most Sundays, a new episode of the podcast series will be released to share the hard-earned knowledge Rabbi Dave accumulated from years of experience. By revealing both his spectacular mistakes and his huge successes, Dave gives you an inside look into what he calls “my dream life” (with sincere thanks to the almighty). 

One of Dave’s Rabbis, Rav Noah Weinberg of blessed memory asked Dave once if he’d rather be happy or wealthy.  

Of course, Dave said “happy.”The Rabbi who got rich on Sunday - with two of his granchildren

Then this Rabbi asked Dave how many years he spent at college to earn two Bachelor’s degrees, a Masters and time spent working towards a  doctorate. Dave responded “way too many!”

Rav Noah Weinberg then asked this, “Well if you’ve spent that much time learning how to become wealthy in your career and happiness is more important to you, how much time have you spent studying how to be happy?”  

Rav Noah Weinberg had Dave with that one!

It happens most Sundays

During the Sundays to come, Dave is scheduled to take you on a journey. Through identifying your real-life goals Dave shows you how you can become rich in wealth but also maintain health and happiness too.

“I have tried almost every type of business, marketing system and fundraising technique there is and learned many principles of success along the way.”

“I also have consulted for dozens of organizations on such topics such as; organizational change, gamified alumni follow-up, rebranding, team building, breaking down the silos, and many more.”

“I am honored to explore these important life-shaping topics with you to help you achieve your dreams.”

To find out if there is a live event this week, you can opt-in here

Work with Dave

“I offer to coach and mentor others from real-life, hands-on experience.”

“I’ve tried it all and only teach what works and what I personally  continue to do for myself!”

“Join me each Sunday as I share The Rabbi who Got Rich on Sunday™!”

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