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Hi, I’m Rabbi Dave Felsenthal and welcome to my world.

The world of the rabbi who got rich on Sunday. My goal is to share my hardearned knowledge and to help people who are like I was 22 years ago when my life came to a crossroads between living my dreams and giving up on my dreams to face reality and to be rich. Sure, I’ve made some spectacular mistakes, but I’ve also had unbelievable successes along the way.
I am living what I like to call with sincere thanks to the Almighty, my dream life.

What does it mean to be rich? I have an old friend, we’ll call him Peter who comes from a very rich family. When we were young men, I remember that he picked up a date for the first time in a regular car, wearing modest clothes.

And she Was very disappointed because she knew he was rich and she expected something else. He was upset that she was all about the externals and he proceeded to drive her to the airport, buy first class tickets to a nice location for both of them, spend a day in the sun, return home at night, drop her off and then tell her that he’ll never contact her again because her priority priorities were on money, not happiness.

I’ll never forget the impact it made on me that he had his priorities straight and was headed towards a dream life. And she probably learned a valuable lesson as we get older.

As we got older, ironically, he began pursuing money S much They never had time for his old friends, and now I only read about him in the news. And that’s not usually such a good thing.

So if you have all the money in the world and all the things that can buy, but you’re not happy, you’re not able to enjoy it.

Are you really rich?

There’s a lesson in the Torah from a book called The Ethics of Our Fathers to be rich.

In chapter 4, the first item, it says Benzoma makes several points #1 who’s wise?

One who learns from every human, who is mighty, one who controls their inclination, who is rich, one who rejoices in what they have and who is honored?
One who honors their fellow human beings.

Money is great, and I’m all for material abundance.

But rejoicing All in all your blessings, including our fellow human beings and all of the wonders of this world, will really lead to true happiness.

One of my mentors, Rabbi Noak Weinberg, a blessed memory, used to ask his students, would you rather be rich or happy?

Invariably they would answer happy.

He would then ask them to study with him for six weeks and learn the secrets of happiness from the Torah.

They would say they can’t because of this or that commitment they had.

He would say, that’s such a shame because, you know, since so many people are unhappy, the government gave us a grant to give people $10,000 to take this course.

All of a sudden they’d say, did I say I couldn’t stay?

I was wrong, I can definitely stay.

Rabbi Weinberg would then say, I thought you said you’d rather be happy than rich.

But when I offered to teach you to be happy, you couldn’t accept.

And when I offered money, money, suddenly you could.

So now that you admit that it was not that you can’t, it’s just that you didn’t want to.
Now Are you ready to learn to be happy?

That is the goal of these podcasts.

The title, The Rabbi Who Got Rich on Sunday catches your attention.
And now that I have your attention, I will teach you how to make money.
But I’ll also teach you how to have a really wonderful dream life.
If you enjoyed this podcast, please share it with a friend and make sure to join me each Sunday as I share how the rabbi got rich on Sunday.
In the meantime, feel free to check out my website For more information and to schedule a free consultation to be rich.
The Rabbi Who Got Rich On Sunday

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