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Hi, I’m Rabbi Dave Felsenthal and welcome to my world the world of the Rabbi who got rich on Sunday.

My goal is to share my hard earned knowledge and to help people who are like I was 22 years ago when my life came to a crossroads between living my dreams and giving up on my dreams to face reality.

Sure, I’ve made some spectacular mistakes, but I’ve also had unbelievable successes along the way.

I am living what I like to call with sincere thanks to the Almighty, my dream life.

I want to give back the help that I received to people who are like I was 22 years ago, stuck between that crossroads of living the dreams and giving up on the dreams to face reality.
So you’ve come to the right place.

If you want to dream life, if you want to do what you love, be happy and balance that with material wealth as well.

If you want to leverage your time, sometimes, live more with less without sacrificing quality of life.

Did you ever have to give up on your Dream Life?

Well, when I was 16 years old, I was happy.

I had a good family, but I didn’t have the direction I wanted in life and I didn’t know what I wanted to do.
I was a bit confused. I joined a youth group that really helped me figure it all out.

And my dream afterwards was to give back and help teens for the same organization that had helped me. So I got my dream job for that organization.
I found that the dream job did not pay enough for the dream family, especially not in nonprofit work.
And so we were a family of eight. We had just moved from the Midwest to North Jersey, and we went from debt free to $50,000 in debt.

Within one year I was sinking. You know, I remember it like it was yesterday. I couldn’t pay tuition for my kids. We didn’t have enough room in the home.

It was crowded. It was July. It was hot.

There was no air conditioning. I had to say no to everything my family asked for.

I was feeling desperate and I was going to have to give up on my dreams and do something that paid more.

And I always knew I would need extra money on the side, working in the nonprofit arena.

And I had tried a lot of home businesses on the side and nothing ever really worked.

They were all taught. They said, are you going to make all this money?

But it never happened. And I had to find something or give up. And that wasn’t an option.
So I looked at every opportunity available.

I always asked introduce me to a normal or person working full time and something else where they’re putting part time into a side income.

And the big question show me proof.

When I asked for proof, they’d all said you’re going to be rich overnight.
But when I asked for proof, they all disappeared.

I was ready to give up and I’ll just never forget how I felt.

But then I found I finally found someone who can mentor me, who was like me and show me in how less than 10 hours a week I can make my dreams come true.

And after six months, everything was turned around.

I paid full tuition for my kids from through college, beyond all the way we’ve been able to help pay for their weddings, their first homes.

We’ve been able to get out of debt.

We’re debt free, and I’m finally free to do what I want to do.

We have no financial limits.

We have the time to make our dreams come true, and I’m still working full time for that, for for the nonprofits, just like I always wanted to.

But I have opportunity to do that and not worry about the Dream Life?

One of my mentors, Rabbi Noah Weinberg of blessed memory, always asked, would you be, would you rather be happy or wealthy?

And my answer is both. So the rabbi who got rich on Sunday was born

The great name and brand came many years later thanks to the marketing guru Smiling Steve Burke.

Thank you.

And I invented a way to work 10 hours a week and learn to be rich and ways way beyond the money.

And not just on Sundays.

I’ve become an internationally acclaimed fundraiser in the specialized niche of multiple small recurring gifts, a direct sales professional through ecommerce, and a full time consultant.
I do the consulting for the nonprofits that I love to help and and I generate the income, the extra income and again in less than 10 hours a week still today.

I’ve helped multiple clients net over $100,000 in their first year and a million in their first three years Now note I said net, that’s profit, not gross income.

I offered to coach and mentor others from real life Handson experience.

I’ve tried it all and I only teach what works and what I personally continue to do for myself.
If you enjoyed this podcast, please share it with a friend and make sure to join me each Sunday as I share how the Rabbi got rich on Sunday.

In the meantime, feel free to check out my website For more information and to schedule a free consultation.

The Rabbi Who Got Rich On Sunday

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