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Passover significance of freedom & how does this help my business

Passover significance of freedom
& how does this help
my business


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This episode is special due to the upcoming Passover Holiday. We will take a break from the podcast for the next two Mondays (due to Passover) and afterward, we will return to our mini-series on Lead Generation to discuss “Cross-promotion opportunities to generate leads!”

We will have another special episode commemorating the Holocaust.  

Welcome to another episode of “The Rabbi Who Got Rich on Sunday” about living the dream through work-life balance.  I’m Rabbi Dave and today we’re going to talk about “Passover significance of freedom and how does this help my business?

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Passover significance of freedom story

Freedom is all about using your free will to make great choices. Rabbi Noah Weinberg shared the following story about free will:

There was a homeless beggar living outside on a cold, dirty street.  The beggar carried his bags with him wherever he went.  Every day, he begged for a piece of bread, money for some soup or coffee, and sifted through garbage pails for anything usable.

Now, suppose he found a lottery ticket, put it in his bag, and forgot about it.  Suppose that this ticket was a 100 million dollar winner.  The beggar could have a warm house, new clothes, and plenty of food.  What good fortune!

There’s one big problem, though.  It’s in the bottom of his bag and he’s forgotten he even has it!  He’s carrying around 100 million dollars and still lives with the same homelessness, the same misery, and the same hopelessness because he does not realize what he has!

One message of Passover is the significance of the powerful tool of freedom.  We have tremendous potential to choose good over evil, to choose life over death, to choose greatness over mediocrity.  But if we don’t realize that we have this power of free will we will live the life of a beggar when we are in actuality Royalty, the children of the King of Kings!

Free will in Business

We will learn in this podcast how to use free will as a tool.  A tool to build your life and business with purpose.  To plan your daily activities in order to accomplish your goals.  Not to take the easy path of reaction and mediocrity but to make the hard choices to succeed in your business and in life.  Learn and practice the lessons below that we can learn from Passover and you will achieve greatness in every area you apply them, including work-life balance and your business bottom line.

Free will in Passover

Quite often, we think that we are only one person; how can anything we do change the course of history? Today, with all the technology at our disposal, we have more power than ever before, and we have just spent many podcast episodes learning how to spread our message.

In the Passover story, we see many individuals who could have given up or not realized their potential and used their free will to change the course of all world (Judeo-Christian) history.  Yocheved brought her son Moses into a world of slavery where all newborn boys were killed upon birth.  Miriam followed her baby brother as he floated down the Nile to certain death.  Batya saved baby Moses, knowing that she was going against the wishes of her father, Pharaoh the king of Egypt. Moses chooses to kill an Egyptian slave master and save a Jewish slave, knowing he would either be killed or have to escape into exile. Tzippora chose to marry this kind stranger Moses, a fugitive from Egyptian law. Moses took the word of the Almighty’s prophecy to Pharaoh even though he stuttered and could not speak clearly.  Pharaoh stubbornly refused to let the Jewish people go even as plague after plague decimated his country. The Jewish people crossed into the Red Sea even though it seemed certain they would drown.  All leading to the ultimate declaration of free will in Passover at Mount Sinai of the entire people declaring we will do and we will hear accepting the word of the Lord without even knowing what that would entail.

A series of choices to use free will to make hard decisions led to the greatest miracles in mankind’s history, and that is Passover’s significance of freedom.

What is free will

Not all choices are free will.  What is free will? Choosing chocolate ice cream over vanilla is not a free-will choice.  It is exercising a preference.  Free will is not even between good and evil.  The Torah (Bible) says, “See I have put before you, life and death, good and evil, blessing and barrenness.  Choose life.”

You might ask, who chooses death?  When we avoid the pain it takes to accomplish anything worthwhile.  When we seek escape.  Wasting opportunity.  Quitting because greatness is difficult.  We are choosing death.

What is freedom? Five Levels

I can teach you how to hit a golf ball in a few seconds; but to be good at it takes a lot of practice. I am going to share with you five levels or steps to free will.  Practice is difficult, choose life!

  1. Self-Awareness.  Life is a constant stream of decisions based on our choices.  Realize that you have the winning lottery ticket and actively make those choices.  Don’t just get through the day, have a goal and a plan and choose to implement.
  2. Don’t follow Society or your past choices blindly.  Be your own person.  Don’t accept society’s assumptions. Don’t be controlled by your past assumptions from years ago.  Constantly reevaluate where you are now and live the life you believe in and want for yourself.
  3. Do what your soul wants, not what your body feels like. Your soul wants greatness and your body wants comfort.  I used to run track in high school.  When I first started, my body would complain about the pain.  My soul would say, keep going, it is good for you.  My body would say you’re crazy, nothing this uncomfortable is good.  My soul would say, finish this race and I’ll give you a piece of chocolate cake…  After a few weeks of this, if I missed a day of running, my body would feel sluggish.  When your soul leads and your body gets on board, great things follow!
  4. Identify with your soul, not your body. Your body feels hungry and tired.  That’s not the real you.  The real you is your soul which is a piece of the infinite and can accomplish anything!
  5. Make the almighty’s will your will. We have been given a beautiful world and almost infinite potential.  Choose greatness.  Choose to accomplish things of eternal value.  Choose life! That’s what freedom is.


Passover significance of freedom

Over the next two weeks of Passover,  contemplate your own choices and embrace the transformative power of freedom, inspired by these lessons of freedom and free will.  Practice choosing free will and your body and soul will become partners and miracles can happen.

In the next episode, after a break for Passover and a special episode for Holocaust Memorial Day, we will talk about Cross-promotion opportunities to generate leads

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