Home Based Business

Starting a home-based business is a dream for many, but it’s important to watch out for potential pitfalls. Home-based businesses often involve network or multi-level marketing where you become a distributor to make money. However, some companies have “gotchas” in their compensation plans that can pass revenue to those at the top. These include binary compensation with runaway legs, an unfair advantage through payments, fake inventory, overpriced products, and familiar faces at the top. Avoiding these issues is important for success in a home-based business.

All that glitters is not gold!

Website Video

Many company mentors and speakers may be dressed for success and armed with motivational quotes, but they often have flaws. Most of them are being paid to teach on behalf of the company, so they won’t tell you to quit your job or do something your bosses don’t want you to do, even if it’s what you need to do to reach your goals. Additionally, some mentors haven’t actually done what they’re teaching, and are making money selling expensive books and training courses that may not work. Real mentors care about what’s best for you, and offer free guidance to create a win-win relationship.

Identifying Dream Life Goals

Rabbi Dave Felsenthal shares his hard-earned knowledge from years of experience with both spectacular successes and unbelievable mistakes. He takes you on a journey through identifying your real-life goals that will help you become rich and wealthy, but also in healthy and happyiness. Rabbi Dave has tried almost every type of business marketing system and, fundraising technique, and learned the principles of success along the way. He offers to coach and mentor others from real-life, hands-on experience and teaches what works and what he personally continues to do for himself.

My Dream Life

I want to give back the help that I received to people who are like I was 22 years ago stuck between that crossroads of living the dreams, and giving up on the dreams to face reality. If you want to leverage your time, sometimes live more with less without sacrificing quality of life.

What Does It Mean To Be Rich

The video and podcast, “What Ddoes it Mmean to be Rrich?” by Rabbi David Felsenthal, explore work-life balance and happiness. Get your priorities straight; true wealth lies in realizing everything you have been blessed with, including your fellow human beings. Money is great, but that won’t bring you true joy. Real happiness comes from rejoicing in what you have and the wonders of this world. Rabbi Noach Weinberg asked his students if they would rather be rich or happy, and ultimately, it’s prioritizing true happiness that brings real riches.