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This is the 2nd of 4 videos that introduce this powerful Podcast Series.

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Identifying Real Life Goals

Hi, I’m Rabbi Dave Felsenthal. And welcome to my world the world of the rabbi who got rich on Sunday. My goal is to share my hard earned knowledge from years of experience with both spectacular successes and unbelievable mistakes along the way, to what I like to call with some some sincere thanks to the Almighty, my dream life.

Now, Chris has a dear friend whose wife recently inherited a valuable piano from her childhood piano teacher. He shared with me a story of recruiting a buddy to help him carry a different piano up the stairs to his third floor apartment, he had no idea how hard it would be. But after an hour of sweat and tears, they finally made it. He went to put the key in the door and it wouldn’t fit. He tried again and again and couldn’t understand what happened. Then it hit him. He began to break down in tears, he slept that piano up the wrong set of stairs, two apartments, three beats not three, a, I mean, so many people that work their hardest to reach all their goals to reach success, and then find out after many years, they didn’t like the version of success they’d worked so hard for. I’m sure you’ve all heard the famous saying, if you plan, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. I mentioned before one of my gurus, Rob North Weinberg of less than memory, asked me once if I’d rather be happy or wealthy. And of course, at the time I told him, I’d rather be happy, right? Who wouldn’t? So then he asked me how many years I went to college for my two bachelor’s my masters, and at the time, I was all but dissertating for a doctorate. And I responded, responded way too many.

He said, Well, if you spent that much time learning how to become wealthy in your career, and happiness is more important to you, than how much time have you spent studying how to be happy? What did he have me? So during the Sundays to come, I’ll take you on a journey through identifying your real life goals that will help you become rich and wealth, but also in health and happiness. I’ve tried almost every type of business marketing system fundraising technique, and I’ve learned the principles of success along the way. I’ve also consulted for dozens of organizations on such topics as organizational change. gamified alumni follow up rebranding, team building breaking down the silos many more. I’m honored to share these important life sharing topics with you and your organization to help you achieve your dreams.

So, not all that glitters is gold gotchas and home businesses fishing in the right pond, your 8020 Rule why you are created finding your unique purpose, increasing your sales by over 100% how to go from red to 1 million net profit in three years. The 12 Success Factors unlimited personal growth, the secrets of Abraham’s success. If my kids are my greatest pleasure, why are they such a pain? That’s a good one.

Can I really love my neighbor even him or her? Nine the nine most effective ways to generate quality prospects for free your secret weapon your alumni or your customers time management, how to create leverage delegate prioritize and maximize time getting your mass internet mailings into inboxes and getting responses relationship marketing, getting the appointment how to meet your dream prospects, Guerilla Marketing blowing the socks off the monopolies and corporate giants networking your way to unlimited contacts fortune is the follow up and a lot more.

You’re getting the idea I’ve got a lot to share, and I offer to coach and mentor others from real life hands on experience. I’ve tried it all and I only teach what works and what I continue to personally do for myself. Join me each Sunday as I share how the Rabbi got Rich on Sunday.

If you enjoyed this podcast, please share with a friend and make sure to join me each Sunday as I share how the Rabbi got rich on Sunday or the Real-Life Goals. In the meantime, feel free to check out my website for more information and to schedule a free consultation, The Rabbi Who Got Rich On Sunday.

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