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There Are Some Gotchas To Watch Out For If You're In A Home Based Business.

Hi, I’m Rabbi David Felsenthal. And welcome to my world, the world of the rabbi who got rich on Sunday. My goal is to share harder knowledge from years of experience. I’ve had some unbelievable successes and some spectacular mistakes along the way, to what I like to call with thanks to the Almighty my dream life. So there are some gotchas to watch out for if you’re in a home based business.

I want to tell you about Susie, she worked hard at her job for many years, there was always too much money at the end of the month. She doesn’t see how she’ll ever get out of debt, and let alone make her dreams come true for her growing family. So one day Susie found a home based business that promised her wealth very quickly, and the ability to work around her children’s schedule. She’s so excited by their motivational presentation that she gives her job notice that she’s leaving. After a few months and investing 1000s of dollars, making almost nothing Susy realize she made a big mistake.

Unfortunately, the new customer the new company’s buyback policy, proves to the his Sham, forcing her to beg for her old company to take her back. And they give her her job back but at a lower salary. Susie’s worth worse off now than she was when she started. Will she learn from her mistakes? Or will she give up on her dreams forever? Home sweet home, a home based business is the dream for many people working a nine to five job, but it doesn’t make them happy. It’s not really a home sweet home. You get the privilege to provide goods and services that people enjoy. Bring home far more than any hourly wage, and do the work you love. Most of all, you can do that all from the comfort of your home without having to step outside into the cold.

What should you look for in a home based business? Well, there are many good companies and products out there. There are and it can be challenging to know which ones to choose one way to tell them apart. It’s know what to look out for in a home based business. That is which ones to avoid. When some people hear the term home based business they think of network marketing, or multi level marketing companies in which you become a distributor of their products or services.

You’ll often see recruitment as it use the words home based business as part of the pitch. Most home based businesses promised the notion of unlimited potential growth, the more product or services you sell, the more people you recruit into your downline, the more money you make. However, some of these contract companies have gotchas built into their compensation plan to hurt the little guy and pass the income up to the big guys at the top. Here’s some examples. binary compensation plans with a runaway leg run away from binaries. This is where the leadership of a home based business makes their representatives feel like they have a huge business under them. But in reality, they’re not really making any money from it. The representative continues continuously to buy overpriced goods and services thinking that one day they’ll match the bigger leg and make money and find a golden pot at the end of the rainbow. And they’re afraid called fear of loss to lose that huge runaway leg. It’ll never happen because you can’t catch a runaway leg. Biden’s you have to buy in to have an unfair advantage, you can make more money if you pay more to join. That shouldn’t be a huge red flag fake inventory.

This happens when you’re buying your own promotion for the month, you add up what everyone’s purchased, the amount of money that they make is less than what you bought. Another term for this is garage qualifying, qualifying for for promotion by buying your own stock and filling up your garage with it to fake a check. Overpriced products. Products should cost what the market bears a high end coffee should still not cost more than other high end coffees in the market. If it does, it’s not a real business with real products that people really want familiar faces at the top. If you’ve noticed that your multilevel marketing companies leadership is made up of people who used to be part of other multi level marketing companies that have since gone under. That’s a good sign that they fail to run those companies properly. That’s not the kind of company you should join.

Instead, look for leaders who have been in their company for a while and have a track record of success, who have experienced running big successful traditional companies that are still around a home based business should have profit structures that work for you with products and services that retail at fair market price. They should involve a sales and compensation process that doesn’t feel slimy or unethical. This is what you should look for in your search. I offer to coach and mentor others from real life hands on experience. I’ve tried it all and I teach what works and I personally continue to do myself.

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