Prioritize Goals
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This episode shares the third of my 10 methods to manage time effectively.

Prioritize Goals in Your Life

This mini-series is full of tips to manage your time better to fulfill your life’s purpose and in the transcription of this podcast, you’ll see the link to my website where you can see more resources.

Unlimited Potential 

I collect stories.

My wife’s favorite is of the King, who was afraid that his people were planning a rebellion. He built a huge tower full of mazes and announced a contest which whoever could reach the top would share in half the kingdom’s wealth. 

On the day of the contest, thousands showed up to compete. They came with all sorts of equipment and supplies to help them succeed in climbing to the top of the tower. 

After a whole day of climbing almost everyone had become lost among the mazes and obstacles and gave up.  

In fact, only two of the king’s closest advisors remained.  

One who was loyal to the king and one who was actually planning a rebellion.  

The rebellious advisor said, “The king obviously figured out we were planning a rebellion and this tower is impossible to climb”. He then proceeded to give up returned to the bottom.  

The loyal advisor said, “No. My king would not ask me to undertake a task that is impossible.”and kept going.  

One floor later, there was a click and an elevator built into the tower took him to the top!

We are created by the Almighty with infinite potential and there is almost nothing we can’t accomplish!  

But we need to do so using the gifts we are given!

How to prioritize goals

In the first episode of this series on time management I suggested that in each major area of your life (at work, physically, mentally, spiritually and at home) you pick one “Why”. 

Ask “So that” until you have it clear and you can’t live without it.  

Then pick the one action that will make the biggest single impact.  

Then become an expert in that action. 

Today we will build upon that foundation and explore how to pick a possible course of action and how to prioritize where to start.

What is Your “Why” – My Personal Example

When I first went through this exercise in 2001, I decided on each of these goals or “whys.”

  1. Work – Create a $5,000 a month repeat income on the side I can count on, so I can keep  

              working on what I love

  1. Physically – Be able to fit into my wedding suit
  2. Mentally – Learn the entire Babylonian Talmud
  3. Spiritually – Move into my dream home in the holy land of Israel
  4. Home – Make a “date” with my wife and each kid once per week

The next step was to break each of these goals into medium and then small steps to reach them.  

I’ll go through the process for the first one with you as an example.

  • Research and find possible side incomes where people have already made $5,000 in 10 hours per week.
  • Interview normal part-time people who did not “start at the top”. Then ask for proof that they had at least 12 months of ongoing repeat income from real sales. For example, not for recruiting people to recruit people or by buying a lot of inventory to sit in the garage.
  • Further, research who had a marketing system that brought prospects to them and a company that approved of marketing. Find a mentor who was able to teach me and had done what I wanted to do without unfair advantages.
  • Research the Better Business Bureau, the FTC and any lawsuits involving the company, its founders, and top employees to see if I could put my reputation with this company.
  • Try a wide assortment of the company’s products and or services and see if they were of value purely from a customer perspective and had a generous return policy that was simple.
  • With my mentor, I put together a 90-day game plan to reach $5,000 income total and a 6-month game plan to make $5,000 per month.  Agree to a game plan with my mentor for 90 days before reevaluating.  Reevaluate again.
  • When reevaluating, don’t continue to invest time if it is not working. If I do not get to within 90% of my goals, I must remember that the classic definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. The biggest mistake I’ve made in the past is thinking my lack of success was my own fault. If you do everything you are coached and it does not work, it is not because of you. You are the right jockey on the wrong horse.
  • If after reevaluating I’m within my target, keep going for another 6 months if not START OVER!

My Why – Results

I did this with each of my big “whys” above.  

  1. It took 6 months to lock in a $5,000 per month repeat income (this was my 3rd attempt though).  
  2. It took 18 years to fit into my wedding suit (for my 28th anniversary). But 5 years later, I have kept the weight off.  

It took 7 and a half years to learn the entire Babylonian Talmud. ne page a day.  

  1. In 2017 we moved into our dream home in the holy land of Israel that we bought and renovated with cash (no debt).  
  2. While the kids were growing up, I had a date with them most weeks. My wife and I have at least one date every week to this day (see the pictures on my personal Facebook posts).

I hope these examples helped and if you want more help, just schedule a session with me.

In the next podcast, we will analyze how we spend our time in order learn to spend time wisely.

For more guidance and tips on how to live your dream life, go to my website, to access content-rich articles and more.

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