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Hiring -
Three Things to Look for


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Episode Transcript

This episode is entitled, “Hiring – Three Things to Look for”. It is the first in our four-part mini series called “Business Relationships – Hiring, Firing and Working with Business Partners”.

In the transcription of this podcast, you’ll see the link to my website where you can see more resources as well as previous episodes of my podcast.

Today’s topic is basically an interview guide for anyone hiring people to join your endeavor. 

This topic is one that resonates with many of us. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a manager, or just someone looking to build a winning team, these principles apply. 

So, let’s delve into the qualities to look for when hiring an employee that can make a significant difference in the hiring process. 

How to hire employees stories

Rabbi Samuel was in need of a reliable assistant for his community outreach programs. 

Eager to find a candidate who could work seamlessly with the diverse team of volunteers, he decided to interview three individuals. The first candidate, though highly skilled, spoke only of personal achievements, failing to acknowledge the importance of collaboration. The second, with moderate skills, highlighted past team successes, but seemed quick to blame others for any failures. Finally, the third candidate, while not boasting exceptional skills, spoke passionately about shared victories, attributing success to teamwork. Rabbi Samuel realized that a team player, someone who values collective achievement over individual glory, was the key. In hiring, he decided to prioritize the candidate who understood the strength of unity, ultimately leading to a harmonious and effective team that flourished in their community endeavors. The lesson here is that when hiring, it’s not just about individual talents but finding someone who appreciates and contributes to the synergy of a team.

I once interviewed someone who at a young age was already a successful author and content writer. I knew she was brilliant and I wanted her on my team. 

But it turned out to be a disaster. 

She couldn’t relate well to the other team members, couldn’t translate her ideas into usable materials and just didn’t fit in with the team’s culture. She could never admit when she was wrong, even when she failed. I realized my mistake when no matter how talented she was, I couldn’t help her succeed because she didn’t “get” that accomplishing the goals of her employers was more important than her personal goals.  

When an employee thinks they are doing you a favor by working for you, watch out!

Hiring – my mentor

When it comes to hiring, my mentor is Rabbi Steven Burg.  

I started off being one of his mentors when he first started working with the same non profit organization.  

He was excited, passionate and hard working – but his super power that skyrocketed him to success was his ability to listen to others and watch for certain key points.  

Soon he became my boss and I would bring him candidates to meet for various positions.  

He would ask questions and listen carefully. After the prospect would leave, I would return all excited about how great the interview went and he would let me know exactly why they were not a fit.  

One time (out of many) I felt so strongly about a candidate that I told him I want to hire even after he laid out his reasons not to.  

That was the one time I was right and he was wrong.  

Or was he wrong?  

Was he just teaching me what to look for by disagreeing with me until I knew what to look for so well that I could convince him?

Anyways, what did Rabbi Burg look for in a hire? 

Humility, Integrity and fitting in with the team atmosphere.

Humility – find what’s right

First and foremost, let’s talk about humility. 

In a world that often celebrates big egos, it’s hard to know who to hire. 

So it’s refreshing to find individuals who are humble. When hiring, seek those who are not full of themselves. Look for individuals who are coachable, who listen to advice, and who don’t claim to know it all. Remember, it’s not about always being right; it’s about being willing to discover what’s right. As the saying goes, “It’s better to find what’s right than to insist on being right.”

Integrity – a word you can count on

The second crucial quality is integrity. 

Your team members should be people of their word, individuals you can count on. Honesty is paramount. Mistakes happen, and that’s okay. What matters is owning up to them. When you hire someone, look for those who not only take responsibility for their actions but also learn from their mistakes. After all, it’s not about perfection, but about growth and accountability.  

I always tell my employees that I want them to fail. And fail often.  

You’ll never hit grand slams if you don’t try swinging away and strike out.  

Just take ownership of your mistakes and don’t hide or deny them.

Team Player – there’s no “I” in team

Michael Jordan once said “There’s no I in Team but there is in win”

The third quality is being a team player.

A successful team is like a well-tuned instrument, where each player complements the others. Look for individuals who fit into the environment and atmosphere of a winning team. New team members should seamlessly integrate, bringing their unique strengths to enhance the overall harmony within the organization or company. 

Remember, the success of a team often depends on how well its members collaborate and support each other. 

A great way to remember this is the acronym for T.E.A.M. together everyone achieves more.  Hiring a superstar who ruins the team atmosphere is one of the worst mistakes you can make.

One of my greatest pleasures recently was bringing a candidate for one of his top positions to Rabbi Burg in his new organization which led to his successful hiring.

So there you have it, my friends – my top interviewing tips in what to look for when hiring an employee. The most essential qualities to look for when hiring: humility, integrity, and being a team player. 

When you can listen to a prospective hire and they leave feeling that they did great no matter what you actually thought you will be ready to be a master interviewer.

Combine that with your power of people skills and being a strong motivator, and you’re on the path to building a winning team. 

Remember, it’s not just about finding someone with the right skills – it’s about finding someone with the right character. 

As you embark on your hiring journey, may you be blessed with the wisdom to choose those who will contribute not only to your success but also to the success of the entire team.

In the next podcast, I will share what I call the “5 star general” business partner technique so you know who to invest your time in  and who to avoid.

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