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Celebrating Success - Reward
yourself for every success both
large and small along the way.


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This episode shares a special bonus method to manage time effectively.


Celebrating Success – Reward yourself for every success both large and small along the way.


This episode is about celebrating success as a bonus, in the mini-series full of tips to managing your  time better to fulfill your life’s purpose. In the transcription of this podcast, you’ll see the link to my website where you can see more resources.

Celebrate the success – the power of visualizing the reward before the activity

Joe was a new car salesperson with big dreams. He told his wife that he was going to win “Salesman of the Month” and win a fancy new car. He heard that the better you visualize the reward you are working for, the more likely it would happen. So he cut out a picture of his favorite car, a Cadillac, and taped it to the bathroom mirror so he would see it several times a day.  


His wife thought the whole idea was silly, so she tore it off.


The next day he taped a new picture on the mirror before going to work and then later she tore it off again.  


This happened all month long until at the end of the month he drove home in a brand-new Cadillac.


The next morning when he woke up and went to the bathroom, taped to the mirror was a big picture of a very expensive diamond necklace.


The lesson is, always set a real reward for yourself and visualize it. 

You’ll be amazed at what that will do to your motivation!


Celebrate accomplishments for the small things too

When you celebrate accomplishments, you program your mind and body that you can succeed. That the hard work necessary is worth the effort, because reward will come as a result.  

A big mistake people make is waiting to celebrate until they achieve a big goal.  

Don’t wait until you accomplish something huge before you celebrate success. First, without small rewards at each step along the way you may give up and never reach that big goal in order to celebrate success.  

Second, is the concept that success leads to more success.  

Just as the Talmud teaches us that the reward of a good deed is another good deed

Each success, no matter how small, will make the next success easier and will create a momentum of success. Celebrate success as often as possible!


There are many ways to celebrate your accomplishments. 

Celebration can be taking a break in the middle of the day to do something fun.  

It can be a favorite food you don’t usually have.  It could be visiting someone or somewhere special. It can be taking your spouse or someone special on a date. It can be buying a small gift or just chilling.


One of my favorite celebrations was when I first started my ecommerce business and we were sinking in debt. It was July, 100 degrees in my home office without air conditioning.  

I told myself that if I made $2,100 or more that first month, I would use $2,000 to keep from going further into debt and $100 to buy a small inexpensive air conditioner for my home office.  Well, I sweated like crazy all of July, but in August my office was cool, and boy was it sweet!  

You better believe I had no problem working hard again in August as I appreciated the blasts of cold air!


Celebrate others success

My first big goal was to lock in a repeat income of $5,000 per month from my side ecommerce business.  

This amount would be life changing for my family 

All my business associates knew that this was my first big dream goal. When I achieved it after six and a half months, they bought me a new big screen monitor for my computer to replace the ancient tiny one I hunched over until then.  

Boy was that a celebration for my back!  

The ecommerce company I was marketing for gave us a brand-new Warner brothers edition minivan which my kids loved because of all the videos they could watch as we traveled.  

It was the first new vehicle that either my wife or I had ever owned, and it motivated us to continue even more than the money.


The first time we earned a substantial bonus check, I celebrated my wife by giving her that check equal to 10 percent of everything we had made to that date and having her decide where to give it to charity.  

It was a lot of money, and she gave it all to the kid’s school to pay them back for the scholarships we had received.  

Boy did that excite her more than any jewelry. I’m a big believer in tithing and it’s no accident that it feels so good!


The good feeling from that one action has motivated me for 22 years and still is!


Celebrate achievement – your team

Celebrate team success. 

Give your team gifts that will help them succeed with work or live a healthier life, such as books or a Ninja foodie. 

Take your team to the park, dinner, on an overnight retreat or as we did recently – a cruise.  Bonuses and raises are very important, but celebrating success with your team will motivate them more than you can measure!


Plan celebrating success

Don’t leave this to chance.  

Every week, schedule a time to send messages of celebration to your colleagues,friends and family.  

Every month, offer a contest with a prize to your team.  

Every year (or even more often), plan a trip together as a reward for all the hard work your team puts in.


Results of celebrating success

If you make celebrating success a strong point in how you spend your time, you will be rewarded with more success than you can measure.

Sso go ahead and celebrate finishing this mini course on time management!


In the next podcast, we will look at an extra Second Bonus Step: Accountability – the step that makes it all work.

For more guidance and tips on how to live your dream life, go to my website,  to access content-rich articles and more.


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