What does it
mean to be rich?

This article – “What does it mean to be rich?” – is expanded from a Special Podcast Episode by the same name, which you can listen to here. The podcast is 3:48 long and contains one of the most valuable life lessons David Felsenthal has ever learned: the work-life balance and happiness.

What follows is an expanded version of the podcast episode, which begins to delve into how to have a work-life balance. It is complete with the story that ended up being that powerful lesson for David.

We hope you enjoy this short article.

Get your priorities straight!

My friend Peter comes from a very rich family. When we were younger, I remember him telling me about a date he had gone on. He picked up the girl for their first date in a regular car wearing basic clothing. She was very disappointed because she knew he was rich and she expected something more extravagant. Peter was upset that she was all about the externals, so he drove her to the airport, bought first-class tickets to a nice location for both of them and spent a day in the sun. That night, he dropped her off at home and told her he would never contact her again. Her focus was on money – not happiness.  I’ll never forget the impact it made on me that he had his priorities straight and was headed towards a dream life. 

What is true wealth?

Ironically, as he got older, he began pursuing money so much that he never had time for his old friends.  Now I only read about him in the news, which is usually not such a good thing.  If you have all the money in the world and all the things that it can buy, but you’re not happy – you’re not able to enjoy it.  Then are you really rich? There’s a lesson in the Torah from a book called The Ethics of Our Fathers.  In chapter four it says that Ben Zoma makes several points.

  1. Who is wise – one who learns from every person.
  2. Who is mighty – one who controls their inclination.
  3. Who is rich – one who rejoices in what they have.
  4. Who is honored – one who honors their fellow human beings.

Does rich = happy?

Money is great. 

I’m all for materialistic abundance, but that won’t bring you true joy.

Realizing everything you have been blessed with –including your fellow human beings– and all of the wonders of this world will lead to true happiness. 

One of my mentors, Rabbi Noach Weinberg, used to ask his students if they would rather be rich or happy.

Invariably, they would answer happily.



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