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This episode is the fifth in our new mini-series, Generating leads – the highest quality for your business”.

Welcome to another episode of “The Rabbi Who Got Rich on Sunday” about living the dream through work-life balance.  I’m Rabbi Dave, and today, we will talk about lead generation ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

Lead generation ads – Story

When I moved to Passaic New Jersey from Columbus Ohio we left a very affordable community and moved right next to New York City.  Except for our mortgage we were debt free when we moved but within a year we were $50,000 in debt and sinking.  I tried many home businesses to get out of debt but that is a story I’ve already told. 

I tried many different types of ads to find prospects for my businesses and one method I used was to place a big magnet on my car looking for people who wanted to make extra money.  I did not find too many good prospects this way, and I don’t recommend it; however, it did have one unintended but incredible result.

One day after attending morning prayers at a local temple a person came over to me to introduce himself.  He told me his name was Danny and asked me what I did for a living.  I told him that I was a Rabbi working with teenagers and asked what he does.  He told me that he consults people who have home based businesses.  I replied excitedly, that I also have a home based business!  He replied with a big smile, “I know, and my first piece of advice is to straighten out the magnet on your car!”

As embarrassing as this was, we eventually went into business with each other, became close friends and made a lot of money together!

Paid advertising

When I train new people in marketing I explain that there are two types of prospects for your product or service.  Those you know and those you don’t know yet.

Those you know, whether they are friends and family or casual acquaintances are free to find, will hear your request, and may not be a good prospect themselves but can be great referral sources.

Sometimes people are afraid of what we call their warm market and are more interested in putting in a very significant amount of time for social media and marketing; which is also for free.

Many people tell me they don’t want to talk to their warm market and they don’t have the time it will take to generate leads through social media and marketing.  Thus, we come to the advanced techniques of paid advertising which we will discuss today such as lead generation ads on facebook; linkedin; and more

Social media advertising

When it comes to advertising on Social Media there are some general principles that should be followed on every platform.  You want the platform to like you so that your ads get placed, get results and your account does not get shut down, which is quite often referred to as being placed in their jail.

Social media advertising tips

  1. Take whatever course the platform itself offers about its guidelines and best practices.  The platform will usually even give you an easy test afterwards and certify you.
  2. Warm up your advertising account with $1 a day ads that just generate likes and comments on a picture and video you make that are very simple and not selling anything.
  3. Create a website landing page with a unique (not replicated) url that has the correct privacy policy and guidelines the platform requires. Just copy and edit from any site already advertising significantly on your platform of choice. The website should have good pictures of you, an introductory video, and a place to ask for more information with appropriate optin and opt out language.
  4. At first use the built in platform tools to have the prospects fill out a form for more information once you start lead generation and then redirect them to your website.
  5. Target the gender, demographic, and interests of your ideal prospect to get the best results.
  6. Feed the prospects you generate that you like the most back into the ad algorithm for even better results.
  7. A way to get higher quality leads is to not use that form and to instead have the ad take the prospect directly to a professionally built funnel system.
  8. DO NOT use political words or words such as weight, CBD, money, get rich, etc.  AND DO NOT post pictures or videos in which anyone is not covering major body parts or your ad will not be approved or will get shut down quickly.
  9. The way around this is to talk about the scale swinging, or making moola, or creating a nest egg etc.
  10. There are a lot more advanced techniques and I can recommend courses and consultants to use if you are interested.

Lead generation ads on facebook; Instagram; Linkedin; Tiktok, YouTube

These are all good ponds to fish in and I refer you to the episode on social media marketing from a few weeks ago for which platforms are better for which prospects.  After much trial and error on a few different platforms with a few different types of campaigns, I’ve learned that you can spend $5 to $10 per day and get in a slow trickle of decent leads but be prepared to spend $200 to $250 per day if you want to really hit the sweet spot of quantity and quality at the best price per lead.  I know, this may be too much for your advertising budget so I recommend either creating or joining a lead coop of people with similar businesses who pool their money and the leads are rotated to each member based on their percentage of the ad spend.

Lead generation ads; other methods

I’ve had success with online classified ads such as on Craigslist and magazine ads in parent magazines.  This can be very expensive and beware that the quality totally depends on who is reading the ads. Unlike social media advertising, you can’t really fine tune your targeting of who will see your ad. You can use the same landing page or funnel we discussed above. A popular and simpler method is buying leads that have been generated by one of the many vendors.  The people who respond to these types of ads are usually in a very hard financial situation themselves and usually you need to text and or call hundreds to find one qualified prospect.  I’ve used dozens of vendors and I’m not recommending one here because most people waste their money when buying generic leads.  ALL the methods above where the lead is generated for you personally are a much better value.

Part time virtual assistant

One tool which has saved me a lot of time and given me great results especially from Linkedin is using a virtual assistant to do your posting, researching prospects, answering messages and setting appointments for you.  In the past I’ve used individuals who were sometimes very good but inevitably they would take off for illness, family events, trips etc. and quite often disappear for weeks, months, or forever.  This brings your ad lead generation to a grinding halt until you find a new assistant and train them all over again!

So now I use a team of virtual assistants supervised by a manager.  The manager learns my needs, trains my assistant and monitors their progress.  If something happens the manager can step in and keep the campaigns going smoothly until they train a new assistant for you.  I have used Lead Maker for several years and am very happy with them.  They specialize in Linkedin lead generation but can do almost anything.

I have a lead, now what?

For my favorite scripts and to hear a recording of me calling leads contact me and I’ll be glad to share!

Next week we will talk about text messaging; a tool to generate prospects.

For more guidance and tips on living the dream life, go to my website, to access content-rich articles and more.

You can also access a link to that web page through the show notes, if you are listening to this podcast on any of the popular podcast platforms.



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