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Developing Relationships
with Those You Don't
Know Yet


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Episode Transcript

This episode is the first in our new mini series, Generating leads – the highest quality for your business”.

Welcome to another episode of “The Rabbi Who Got Rich on Sunday”. I’m Rabbi Dave and

today we’re going to talk about how to develop meaningful relationships with people you haven’t met yet. In otherwords, with prospects developed through the lead generation techniques we will learn in the future episodes of this podcast.

Goals relationship – Story

When I talk to groups of Young professionals or even college students one of my favorite topics is on how to love.  I learned how to teach this all important tool from my teacher Rabbi Noah Weinberg of blessed memory who passed away 15 years ago this week that I am recording this.

I like to ask the group if they plan on having children of their own.  Then I ask for one of the participants who raised their hand to volunteer for me to ask them some questions.

First, I ask if there is any person they know that they dislike? 

Then I ask if they plan on loving their kid when they have one?

Then I ask, what if your kid has the same character traits of the person they dislike, will they still love their kid?

They always say yes.


Because they know that kid is a part of them and they will focus on what they love in their kid and then that focus will lead to the strongest love their is, that of a parent and a child.

When developing relationships, focus on what you like in a person and ask them meaningful questions about that focus and care deeply about their answers and you will become a master at developing meaningful goals for relationships with people you meet through lead generation.

Relationship marketing – be fascinated not fascinating

Moving on to the core of our discussion, let’s explore what it takes to turn these newfound connections into golden, real relationships. Building lasting relationships requires authenticity and a genuine interest in others. Don’t be afraid to express your true self and show sincere curiosity about the lives and experiences of those you meet.

If you are fascinated with what interests them you will become a fascinating relationship to your new professional friend.  Help them identify their real life goals and you will become a trusted mentor and friend and you will be on your way in relationship marketing.

Goals of relationship – Who to invest your time with

In the realm of professional relationships, it’s essential to recognize the value of strategic connections that go beyond superficial exchanges. Building connections that work involves understanding the mutual benefits of the relationship. Identify individuals or businesses that align with your goals and can provide valuable insights or collaboration opportunities. Use platforms and virtual events strategically for lead generation, focusing on quality over quantity. In the business of building connections, a targeted and thoughtful approach can lead to partnerships that are not only beneficial in the short term but have the potential for long-term success which is the goals relationship .

Relationship marketing – principles of success

  • Care about their goals and needs and they will care about yours
  • Relationships are not a “Happening” they are developed
  • A Million Dollar Business Deal is on the Table  – be fascinated!
  • 2 Ears and 1 Mouth!!! – Listen and ask leading questions, don’t talk away.
  • Topics to ask about: FORM – Friends, Occupation, Recreation, Money
  • Fortune is in the Follow Up – They Don’t Know What They Don’t Know ie. relationships are not cookie cutter and take time to develop.
  • Most sales take 7 conversations before they are ready to buy.

Professional network – maximizing your existing network

In future podcast episodes we will learn how to mine the “cold market” but, your current network is a goldmine waiting to be explored. Learn to tap into your professional network of acquaintances and referrals and you will find almost limitless opportunities waiting to be explored. Maximize your network’s potential by regularly nurturing and expanding it. Those that are open to mastering the art of mining their existing network will have the most success.  Don’t forget, the whole point of developing leads is to add them to your professional network, so you need to have a consistent plan of how to work your existing network anyways!

Nurturing relationships – The role of communication

Communication is the lifeblood of any relationship. 

Think about your personal and effective communication strategies that go beyond mere words. 

It could be a thoughtful notes, time spent together or just a quick email to check in.  Their are many tools you can use to help automate this process but I’m a big fan of a hybrid approach using high tech combined with high touch for nurturing relationships.

I hope you’ve gained valuable insights into developing relationships with those you don’t know yet. Remember to put these tips into action and watch your network grow. 

Next week we will begin exploring using social networks such as Linkedin and Facebook to find your ideal prospects.

For more guidance and tips on how to live your dream life, go to my website, to access content-rich articles and more.

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