Article; What does it mean to be rich?

what does it mean to be rich

This article delves into the meaning of true wealth, which goes beyond monetary gains. The story of Peter exemplifies how priorities should be straight and happiness is crucial. Pursuing wealth excessively leads to a deficit in time for loved ones, causing a lack of fulfillment. Rabbi Weinberg’s wise words ring true as happiness is more valuable than riches. Only by rejoicing in what we have can we truly enjoy the wonders of life, including human connections. Material possessions are great, but they cannot replace true joy.

More on Identifying Real Life Goals

Identifying Life Goals

Identifying real-life goals is crucial for achieving success that aligns with our values and desires. Rabbi Dave Felsenthal offers guidance on identifying goals that lead to financial wealth and health. With years of experience, he shares his insights on topics such as organizational change, marketing, and personal growth. Join him each week as he shares how the Rabbi Got Rich on Sunday and guides others to reach their dreams.

Relationship Marketing – an endless supply of leads!


Building intentional, deep-rooted connections through relationship marketing requires genuine care and attention. By showing an interest in others and actively listening, we can create strong relationships worth more than money. Rabbi Dave Felsenthal believes that relationships mirror a parent’s love for their child, demonstrating the need to prioritize and sacrifice for those we care about. By treating relationships with the same importance as multimillion-dollar business deals, we can create endless sources of leads and connections that enrich our personal and professional lives.

The 80 – 20 rule & real success


Entrepreneurs can achieve success without burnout by prioritizing “big rocks” to work smarter, not harder. The 80/20 Rule reveals that 80% of results come from 20% of actions, making it crucial to delegate tasks, automate emails, and focus on income-producing actions. Success is achieved through focus and flow, not hustle and sacrifice, as this article shows. With a clear focus on the actions that produce the majority of success, entrepreneurs can reach their goals without sacrificing their well-being.

Fishing in the right pond!

Fishing in the Right Pond

Kevin struggled to meet his sales target through persistent cold calling and list browsing. But with the quarter-end near, his mentor, Dan suggested he focus on a smaller market and sell only policies that mattered, leading to Kevin’s success. Defining a target market is essential for sales success, as in the case where a narrowed search helped Kevin bring in sales. This article highlights how much fishing in the right pond can help increase sales.

Gotchyas; what to watch out for in a home-based MLM business


Running a home-based business can be an attractive prospect for many, but it is crucial to know the potential pitfalls. Multi-level marketing is pitched with the promise of limitless income, but benefits only top earners. High buy-ins, overpriced products, and familiar faces in the leadership can be warning signs of more significant issues. Researching thoroughly and seeking guidance can help avoid problems.